25 thoughts on “Stress at work / Office stress COMPILATION!!!

  1. Viki Fairweather

    Morning googlies……….

    Another night shift over…..
    Hope you all have a nice stress free day, especially if you work in an

    Count to 5 and breathe ……. Nope….. Lets just fight each other and
    wreck stuff :/
    Enjoy xxxxxxx

  2. Marlon Vargas

    Hahahaha :D, you have to watch the whole video, these people are really
    stressed, i recommend you take a breath, hahaha, they are very stressed
    because, maybe the relationship with their coworkers is not the best, or
    they have problems on their houses, but the last one is really dumbest (
    never try )
    Hope you like it 🙂

  3. David Grayson

    That’s a really funny video! But stress can be a killer. For an
    understanding of stress and it’s management from a physics point of view
    see –

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