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  1. Jordan Nicholas Pizarro

    Life in the Philippines has never been easy. It’s a constant battle with
    the challenging economy and every day is almost like a struggle for many.
    It is no surprise if Filipinos are extremely stressed out. Does this sound
    like you? Check this fun video out from BBC and get some tips on how to
    lower your stress levels!

    Another thing that modern technology has given us to make things easier is
    the privilege of working from home. But don’t be fooled! Online jobs can be
    just as demanding as regular day jobs! Keeping your stress levels at bay is

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  2. MOUSH

    Good little video to end the week with. Hope you have managed to have some
    stress free patches during the week. Happy Friday. Managing Stress –
    Brainsmart – BBC

  3. Vegard Ølstørn

    *Managing stress*

    If your musculoskeletal pain is linked to stressful situations you can add
    this to your management plan 🙂 Quick and easy info, sometimes small
    changes can lead to successful and lasting results.

  4. cameron doherty

    Hey I just wanted to ask, I have a project about Ways to relive stress. I
    want to do a voice over on this video but its not working ? And its due in
    TWO days ?

  5. Trabajandoxelmundo

    Are you too stressed out before your next job interview? Here you can find
    brilliant short animation how to fight with it!

    Managing Stress – Brainsmart – BBC

  6. David Grayson

    That is a very interesting presentation, and very helpful to understanding
    stress. There are other aspects, such as the physics of stimulation.

    For a physics view of stress see –

    (if the link does not work just copy and search for it)

  7. david delgadillo

    My suggestion is when you’re stressed
    breathe and count to ten, the other option is to meditate and think about
    good things and sometimes talk about your problem with a friend or family

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