9 thoughts on “How Stress Affects Your Brain — The Doctors

  1. Rada

    I know im stressed because I suffer from mostly all of the symptoms. Before
    I was stressed, I was so smart, I could remember everything, and I could
    focus and concentrate. Now im 18 and I feel so dumbed down. I struggle to
    remember what I did a couple days ago. Im really worried. So if I somehow
    relieve this stress, will I ever go back to how I was before stress? I want
    to be that smart person again who had confidence, good memory, and
    everything else. Im in college right now and its tough for me because of
    the stress I have. I know for sure if I had the mind I had before stress, I
    would probably be getting all a’s. Please help, I really want to find a
    cure for this. :)

  2. David Grayson

    Unhealthy stress is not only a killer, it can cause chronic long term
    health problems on a life long basis, but an understanding of it can help
    to reduce it to a safe level. For an understanding from a physics point of
    view see –

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