25 thoughts on “Conan’s App Review: Stress Relief Apps

  1. Nicolaf

    There is a fine line between being funny and being an asshole and at the
    end i’m not sure if this lined was crossed, even if he was acting and he’s
    not normally this douchebaggy I don’t know how i feel about it.

  2. AeroDoe

    Don’t break those compact fluorescent light bulbs, Conan! They contain a
    small amount of mercury and can release mercury-containing phosphor if you
    break them. It might be safer to break that type outdoors or not at all.

  3. 525Lines

    Really only a few of those smartphone programs are applications. Mostly
    they’re games. Remember graphic demos? Those were kewl. We should have more
    stuff like that.

  4. Judith Jareau

    This reminds me when me and my brother were kids, we’d sneak into the shed
    and stomp on our parent’s Christmas light bulbs. They make popping sounds
    when you stomp on them. lol my mother had no idea how they broke until I
    told her…years later.

  5. Viktor Karlsson

    The part when the scottish guy starts talking and conan is like “What the”
    is the best part, i’ve never laughed so hard in my life. Gets better each
    time you play it

  6. David Grayson

    Unhealthy stress is not only a killer, it can cause chronic long term
    health problems on a life long basis, but an understanding of it can help
    to reduce it to a safe level. For an understanding from a physics point of
    view see –

  7. Caedus Skywalker

    Conan is just fantastic

    the fact that I always considered his show as something of a old man’s show
    was just soooo stupid and ignorant of me

    glad I came to my senses some time ago xD

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