What is a stress management test?

What is a stress management test?

A stress test is an assessment on an individual by a specialized therapist in stress related health risks. The most reputable one is the nuclear or thallium contrast test, which has a detailed diagnosis on a person’s conditions. It is essential to understand that people cannot manage what they do not know and this makes a stress test worth the time. The tests are mainly the standard exercise (electrocardiogram) and imaging ones which may involve use of sound waves, radioactive dyes and the latter is more effective.

Other tests focus on chemical levels in the body, depression and common questionnaires used by psychologists.


The objective is usually to identify stress related symptoms such as chest pains, respiratory complications and so on. It is also important as it aims in making a conclusion for the proper medication that should be recommended.

How to prepare

Prior to the test, it is advisable not to take in anything that contains alcohol, caffeine or tobacco. In addition, the dress code should be comfortable, that is, avoid heels and very tight wear.


During the test, one may be required to exercise using a treadmill, pedal or the stationary cycler. As the process goes on, a person is connected to an electric cardiogram to record the heart rate and any other response to the exercise. In addition, the blood pressure has to be monitored, and all these tests stop when one gets to a limit (cannot extend the motions involved)


The results can be instant depending on the facility’s efficiency. A normal result translates to good health regarding one’s age and physical state. On the other hand, an abnormal test result may reveal an irregular heartbeat, artery blockage or a sedentary lifestyle.


The risks involved include running out of breath, chest pains and fainting. Irregular heart rhythm can also be experienced.

Note that, after the test, there is a rest period and extra monitoring of about 15 minutes. Diagnosis can be immediately as a person gets counseled on steps to take in regard to their health.

There are other tests on various online websites; however, they do not monitor physically. The results are as a result of how one answers the questions provided and sometimes people forward false information. It is more advisable to visit a specialist for effective and real reports.

Therefore, before enrolling for a management test, one must have identified stress related issues. Consequently, one may have to a do a research on the therapist of choice to avoid getting false reports.Also, the tests are not for free and the price range from one specialist to another. One can find a trusted medical practitioner to make recommendations or depend on a testimonial by other patients who have been through the tests.

Never ignore the slightest of symptoms towards stress, especially if it is a demanding lifestyle. Lastly, the diet is important in influencing or provoking the already existent stressors and avoiding certain foods is advisable after consulting with a nutritionist.

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