3 thoughts on “[The Tao of Badass] Unabridged Audio Bonus – EXTRA: 11. Monogamy/Polyamory

  1. dreaminginnoother

    I have listened to almost all of these and so far I have learned that men
    are responsible for everything. Start, lead, and control every aspect of
    the relationship because “that is the man’s job.” The woman’s job is to be
    the emotional child. Or as you say gender role reversal happens when the
    man gets lazy. so women are just supposed to be lazy.

    So to sum up, men are expected to do all the work, and women are expected
    to give up that pussy, because in the end that is really all they are
    worth. And health problems cause low energy for me, and all the jobs of a
    man take more energy than I have so I am not a man.

    I have never resented women more. every woman is just a whore, only good
    for the sex she provides.

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