23 thoughts on “The Polyamory Project Book and Polyday on ITV’s this morning 25th of August 2011

  1. Graham Skeggs

    Really good coverage! Well done and thanks. People need info about the
    alternatives to the tired old codes. Sorry I was away for the day itself.

  2. krrez

    What I find amusing is her insistence that it will fall apart in this video
    right next to a link to a video of Oberon Zell Ravenheart. He’s in his 60’s
    I think and last I knew quite ill, his poly family is standing by him. It’s
    just… Such a funny coincidence and makes her look especially ridiculous.

  3. GJCoyne

    He made a real thing of calling your book “the bible”. Perhaps he thought
    branding you with religious overtones would make the topic more
    contentious? Denise seemed to be a “sod diversity, you should do it my way”
    sort of person, You three did a brilliant job here.

  4. Little Ms Giggler

    Denise comes across as very ignorant and seems to have a lack of knowledge
    of historical context of ‘marriage’. Interesting she has to mention a
    quarter of a million letters she had received over the years but fails to
    mention the number of leters from people who are in monogomous
    relationships. Intersting the neither presenter or Denise seemed capable of
    seeing past jealousy ownership to see the practical benefits that can come
    from a poly relationship especially when comes to raising a family

  5. Almostflyin2

    I was shouting at Denise that my MONOGAMOUS marriage ended in tears. MOST
    intimate, emotional relationships end with tears if/when they end. Feeling
    pity for a group of people that are happy with their lifestyle decisions is
    just making it about YOU, YOU feel pity, not THEY are happy. Old school
    monogamy is so ingrained by a society that was told that conformity =
    success. Now a days that is not the case in romance, business or education.

  6. Furbotz

    Denise Robertson’s data is as skewed as she claims she girls’ is. People
    without problems are unlikely to require the assistance of an ‘agony aunt’.
    She looked positively rabid throughout this whole thing. I’d be surprised
    if anyone really wanted her advice for anything.

  7. WolfieNoYume

    So… If a polyamorous relationship fails, then polyamory doesn’t work…
    But if a MONOGAMOUS relationship fails, then shouldn’t it not work by that
    same logic? This makes no sense….

  8. Ginni BSweet

    Further more why did you even have them on the show if you didn’t want to
    listen to what they had to say. It’s like asking a kid how school was and
    then telling them to shut up and go watch tv dear god people

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