10 thoughts on “Savages and Polyamory

  1. Joanna DeVoe

    I just did a video interview with Ev’Yan Whitney & we got into the idea of
    polyamory. I mentioned you, but, I’m so sorry- I forgot your name! Your
    channel is new to me, but I love the thoughtfulness.

  2. UnificationDotCom

    Hi Joanna. Thanks for your warm sharing. I recall you recently mentioned
    polyamory is a topic that you find both annoying and intriguing 🙂 My pen
    name is “Mystic Life” (I wrote a book titled “Spiritual Polyamory” under
    that name), but you can call me Chris.

  3. TeresaRebecca Cunningham

    I tried reading the book but had to give up (too violent and odd narrative
    structure) but I did like the relationship btwn the three. Maria Padhila on
    planetwaves has a really good breakdown if you’re interested.

  4. UnificationDotCom

    Thanks for your post. I’m hoping the film isn’t ultra-violent as it appears
    that it could be interesting without it. I prefer suspense to gore. Thanks
    for the Maria Padhila post recommendation. Coincidentally, I ran into it
    and read it…thought it was great.

  5. Princess_Elle91

    I cant believe that your a guy and you get female suppression by the
    patriarchy soo well. Youa re a true feminist. Above many female feminists
    even. It was so nice to hear you talk about women’s sexual liberation. I
    also watched savages and I fell in love with the 3 way relationship. It is
    something that I am going to pursue for my own liberation and sexual
    empowerment. Thank you for being another open minded person in the world 🙂

  6. Betongbarnet

    It was pretty good but the ending sucked! Can you imagine a monogamous
    romantic action movie that ends with the couple braking up and a voice over
    saying “I guess it just isn’t meant to work that way”. Totally nuts! why
    Oliver Stone, you where doing so great and you done fuck up the ending! 

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