3 thoughts on “Polyamory Season 2: Episode 5 Clip – More Than a Hug

  1. ARMENIAN Girl

    omfg,,, in my country the couple wouldn’t talk to each other in such a
    relax way after that hugs and kisses they gave to other people… omg,
    these Americans are so weird…

  2. natchnieni0

    The thing with this is that She wants Jesse to be more open to Polyamory
    and He wants Jenn to be less Polyamorous than she is so he can be
    comfortable- Despite her attempts to make him comfortable! They are both
    being ridiculous. They thought they could change one another and that
    ALWAYS messes things up. Why did they not have the discussion of how mono
    or Poly they can expect one another to be before even discussing sex
    between them? It’s just too much for them.

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