18 thoughts on “Polyamory Season 2: Episode 4 Clip – Devastated

  1. natchnieni0

    Not a fan of this triad. Just not. No way. Whatever happens, they are not
    dealing in love, there’s no compassion or understanding coming from the two
    NRE Lovebirds toward the odd-one-out, The WIFE. there was no reason to push
    her out- if there was any love there. All it seems like, now, is that these
    two have an excuse to be alone, just them. Wifey messed up and they’re
    calling it a win. Sorry, Not seeing any Amory there and it’s very
    disturbing. What happened to the Italian Trio?

  2. natchnieni0

    Okay, I think the thing I don’t like is that Megan is acting like a single
    girl and not taking into account that she’s a part of something she doesn’t
    have to be. Chris is forgetting that he chose Leigh Ann FIRST and could be
    a little more sympathetic if he wants to keep the Three-way buzz going
    (Which Megan doesn’t seem to care for, but whatever!) His main concern is
    his relationship with the noob? Really? X-Years of marriage mean what?
    Lame. If love don’t spring back, soon… disturbing…

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