19 thoughts on “Polyamory Season 2: Episode 2 Clip – Hard at Work

  1. sotampacane

    this garbage is so staged. They throw out the one whiny needy story line
    from season 1 and replace it with the exact same thing. If there was ever a
    show where you didn’t need to listen to the dialog, this is it.

  2. HypnoSwag

    Why do most Showtime series have to be about sex? That’s like the primary
    theme of Showtime and it’s wrong. Showtime has gone way downhill. It’s more
    like a psudo-porn channel now. It’s no wonder cable companies offer free
    Showtime access from time to time. Nobody wants it. Sure they have a
    handful of good shows, but they’re full of sex as well. America is

  3. natchnieni0

    “Hard to give her my attention when she’s not here to receive it.” Have you
    not a car or other decent mode of transportation with which to shlep
    yourself over her way (at work, with flowers or choco’s)? She’s feeling
    left out and distant from you two cuddle bears and you’re trying to make it
    look cool. It’s not working. It’s early in the show, yet, I know… but GR!
    I’m glad this show is back, it’s a part of my Poly Bible… Just some
    moments… :/

  4. natchnieni0

    I think you might be too young to remember that Showtime started,
    basically, as a venue for Soft Core Porn. It has actually gotten BETTER
    since it’s inception, believe it or not. Its focus on sex is what it has
    used to set it apart from the slightly more Family (and Violence) friendly
    HBO. I always prefer sex to violence, myself.

  5. lsamoa

    Yeah, they’re not being supportive at all. How about getting up at the same
    time as her to eat breakfast together, or making her a packed lunch to make
    her life easier? Relationships are about more than just snuggling in bed.
    Instead they’re just trying to make her feel guilty because she has to get
    up early to go to work. WTF. Worst husband and girlfriend ever.

  6. tiburcio9999

    Showtime was way better when they had Dexter, Californication, and the L
    word. Amazing shows for one network. When nip tuck was still on Air just
    like those other shows. Was a great moment for me in Television. I had a
    lot of great shows to watch.

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