15 thoughts on “Polyamory Season 1: Episode 7 Clip – Boundaries

  1. KJ Carson

    Free love, free love lol. I get not wanting to be monogamous but a lot of
    this poly-osyphy is horseshit. Jealousy and wanting to be special to that
    one person are normal human emotions. All of these “rules” and “boundaries”
    are proof of that. The woman in the bed, “Queen of Poly” as she once put it
    didn’t even want to share her girlfriend at first.

  2. MasproducedMutts

    By that logic, if you get into a monogamous relationship, then you should
    know that your partner will cheat on you. Everybody has sexuality, unless
    you are asexual.

  3. SamWinchestersDemon

    You all make it seem like monogamous couples never have issues. Never have
    fights about things the agreed to and then someone broke that. Poly takes
    work, trust and honesty So does monogamy. Get off your high horse and open
    your damn minds. She’s up set because they agreed on something and it
    didn’t happen. How many of you agree to do things for your S.O and then
    don’t? there are ‘rules’ and ‘boundaries’ in mono as well.

  4. BA D

    WTF people if you don’t like what they’re doing so don’t watch at least
    these beautiful open minded people didn’t hurt anyone !!! Give some respect
    guys please 

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