19 thoughts on “Polyamory Season 1: Episode 2 Clip – Roxanne The Girlfriend

  1. devilshomie

    You know if they want to be polygamus than that’s fine but they don’t have
    to bash monogomy. I don’t judge their way of life and they shouldn’t judge

  2. Vectorial [v] Multimedia, Paris - France.

    Am I the only one that gets the feeling of watching a big train wreck that
    is about to happen? like, any minute? love the show btw.

  3. doglover427

    Is it sad I agree with Kamala? As long as she doesn’t get annoyed if
    Micheal isn’t ready to share somebody, it should be okay. Like, calm down
    dude. This show intrigues me.

  4. WhoIsAObsessed

    Micheal is so creepy some times. Hasn’t it ever occurred to him that
    Roxanne may not be attracted to him that way. I totally agree with Kamala
    on this one. And why doesn’t Roxanne get a say in who she dates. Personally
    I find Roxanne very attractive and I dont find anyone of the four lovers

  5. charlesbowden91

    I watch this show and report on it to my boyfriends and I gotta say, we are
    1/3 incredulous, 1/3 appalled, and 1/3 LOLing. These guys are fucking
    manchildren. Boo hoo, my wife has fucking boundaries and doesn’t want me to
    skeeze on her girlfriend who’s not interested anyway. Boo hoo, my wife
    doesn’t want me inviting the person I broke boundaries with to a party.
    Everyone is equal parts uptight and unregulated–it’s insane.

  6. charlesbowden91

    There’s all this, “poly is this, poly is that.” How about poly is not
    something you read out of a fucking book and make hard-and-fast rules about
    because the fucking point is to do what WORKS for you instead of following
    a pre-existing dogma? Challenging your jealousy is great, but this just
    looks like people’s feelings are getting fucking steamrolled so other
    people can get their rocks off.

  7. charlesbowden91

    Monogamy is an equally valid option, BY THE WAY, and I’m sick to death of
    people who talk shit abut other people’s relationship choices and then
    expect their own to be validated. If the “End of Monogamy?” “documentary”
    wasn’t on Youtube I would say that this is the worst representation of
    functional polyamory that I have ever seen. Way to represent, Showtime. My
    relationship is NOTHING like this.

  8. charlesbowden91

    I’m only this angry, by the way, because examples of ANY poly in the public
    eye are few and far between. This is gonna be watched by a bunch of mono
    people who come away going, “Oh jeez, polyamorous people are fucking nuts,”
    or worse, “Polyamorous people are fucking nuts so I shouldn’t try it.
    Thought it might work for me but I guess not.”

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