25 thoughts on “Polyamory Season 1: Episode 1 Clip – Triad

  1. AnkokuEvangeline

    Being a little effeminate (which, by the way, is always relative to your
    social standards) does not necessarily mean he’s gay. Sometimes it does go
    hand in hand and oftentimes it does not – there are many gay men who aren’t
    “sissies” and many effeminate men who are straight (I personally know two).
    This generation is way too prone to jump to conlusions when it comes to
    sexuality. It makes me ashamed to be a part of it sometimes.

  2. thesheizz

    i dont think they are trying to promote it in any way. clearly these people
    do it, (he two married couples) and it is a real thing in the world, its
    not saying go out and try this, because they talk about the drawbacks as
    well as the advantages. its just opening up the sexual world more to all
    that is out there, and showing people all the different things that happen
    in the sexual world

  3. Sam Kam

    First off, let me say that I think people should be able to do whatever
    they want, have two girlfriends, three wives, whatever. THAT SAID, this
    “documentary” is uber fake. These people are totally actors. They just look
    too polished, too perfect, and the dialogue seems so scripted. Also, I’m
    pretty sure I saw the dude who plays Thal in a car commercial, the one with
    the hot air balloon. It think it was VW or Subaru or something.

  4. MultiPizzapizza

    well….European men are a bit different. You obviously have never been
    there. To me yes, he seems a bit limp but it would not surprise me if he
    wasn’t gay. I spent 5 months in Italy and the men are definitly more secure
    in their sexuality.

  5. RobynsMom

    thats ridiculous. it’s like someone saying, for example, in a
    basketball-loving society, to someone who loves soccer “Only people who
    don’t talk about soccer really play soccer.” Dumb.

  6. Vitaluv

    Something seems strange about this entire situations. And it’s not the
    triad, but rather why one is in that triad at all when he clearly loves men.

  7. George Barnhill

    Why is there usually one man and more than one woman in these
    relationships? The other 4-some on the show, the men never touch and aren’t
    sexual at all. Am I missing something because it seems like the men are
    getting the best of the situation? I’m in a trinogamous gay relationship
    myself but I wouldn’t do it unless EVERYONE is sexually active with each

  8. techmaster90

    LOL!! That is so facking weird! I think they get high off the weirdness of
    it. I think I makes them feel special when they act so weird, it makes them
    feel like their getting attention. I guess that’s why they filmed
    themselves!! LOL AAAAAAH!!!!! Turn it off!!

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