25 thoughts on “Polyamory Season 1: Behind the Scenes

  1. Tress P

    There seems to be a lot of drama on this show. My partners and I are in a
    triad and it’s nothing like these relationships. It might be all for TV but
    they seem to spend more time trying to figure out their relationships than
    actually spending time together and enjoying each other.

  2. AnOceanState

    please don’t get me wrong, I like the show. But it seems, right now- and it
    is certainly early, less about the development of poly relationships as
    what happens in established OR’s. Maybe it’s right on point because of
    Lindsey and her relates getting complicated over Krystoff and the foursome
    moving in together… I’ll keep watching coz I want to know. thanks!

  3. YoungJulietTheGiant

    I’m actually realising that this show looks so deep and amazing. I’m 16 and
    i think that polygamy should be accepted just as any other

  4. Shoshanna AH

    I’ve been watching this show and I struggle to understand what it is that
    makes them want to do this it just seems so complicated, however I accepted
    it any love to me is beautiful so more power to them.

  5. Banshee

    You may not feel the same for 2 people, that’s why most poly people have
    primary and secondary relationships. But the three of them accept that and
    know what they’re into. All of them are adults, after all.

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