25 thoughts on “Polyamory: No, I’m not confused

  1. CupcakeKillah

    i think ur honesty is refreshing!!! keep living a life thay makes you happy
    … soo many people r living lies… are unhappy in relationships and stay
    for too long …

  2. Kinch Kinski

    ha ha, well, I’m glad you have taken it upon yourself to denigrate all
    people who don’t experience love in the same way as you. I would never do
    the same, I think it’s great that you know what love is for you and I hope
    that you find, or have found, someone who wants to love you back in the
    same way. But you don’t need to attack people who aren’t like you, that
    just makes you seem insecure and defensive. You don’t get to decide what
    ‘love really is’ – that is, to repeat myself, arrogant.

  3. amrichardson0512

    Just want to say I am in a monogamous relationship, I had a lot of
    boyfriends as a teenager and always feel like something missing. Only
    recently have I heard about polyamory and realised I was that type of
    person. Society only gave me one option so I conformed and suffered
    depression and frustration.

  4. Marci Nelson

    Thx, so much for your video! I’m so tired of always having to feel like I
    have to justify myself . I’m polyamorous, bi/pan-sexual, polytheistic,
    third-party voter. ^_^

  5. Jorel Byssainthe

    You shouldn’t be angry, its something that new to Westerners and they feel
    threatened by something new. And in they’re mind you’re hurting the family
    structure and people are afraid of that which is out of the norm.

  6. AshleyFantastic

    I’m not confused either. Being Poly has been the greatest gift in my life.
    Living for so many years, just believing that something is wrong with you,
    that you are broken and you just can’t find happiness like other people is
    so scary. I got to a very very low place. I felt so alone and just was
    living in such a dark place. The greatest thing I’ve ever done is start
    living for me those who choose to love me and not worrying about what the
    outside world thinks. Kudos for the courage to do this.

  7. Jayderaven

    Open relationships are a form of polyamory. I consider myself poly and I
    describe my relationship as “open,” meaning that I can date and have
    intimacy outside of my primary relationship. My partner and I talk about
    everything – there is nothing hidden or lied about. I’ve introduced my
    primary partner to some of my other partners and prefer them to be friends.
    I fail to understand how that does not fall under both “open” and

  8. Jayderaven

    So, each child you have, you love less & less? What a shame for second
    children and third and so on. We should immediately institute a ban on
    having more than one child. *sarcasm* Oh, and family members. You cannot
    possibly love more than one sibling, parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle…
    wait, nope. You have to love each family member less and less and since you
    love your spouse, you must love your mother less and your father even less
    & so on, right? Love is NOT finite. Love is an emotion.

  9. SexualKamikaze

    Polyamoury is the latest fashion word to an old idea… they’ve been trying
    this for years and it never catches on. This is like a fad diet. The atkins
    of sex and the diet coke of love

  10. SexualKamikaze

    I love the the 20 something girl has learned the secrets of love and
    jealousy while mankind has grappled with these things for thousands of
    years. we should follow her… this could leed to world peace.

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