6 thoughts on “Polyamory: Married and Dating Episode 3 ~ Review of the Showtime Series

  1. Elizabeth Green

    You are awesome – agree with everything you are saying – am also very
    thankful for the show. It helps to point people to the show when they have
    questions. I love when you say polyamory is about multiple love and not
    multiple sex. That is what makes it possibly more powerful on the spiritual
    path – not that multiple sex is not useful as well.

  2. UnificationDotCom

    Thanks for your feedback. I’m glad my review was helpful. Last night I
    began watching Season 2 and am looking forward to seeing how all of the
    various relationships unfold 🙂

  3. Tinelle Reno

    That is excellent news! I searched for a review on the show and found your
    vid. I just heard of season 2. I have seen some episodes of season 1, but I
    don’t have showtime. I will keep checking in hopes of watching your next
    review. 🙂 Thanks.

  4. UnificationDotCom

    My pleasure. I don’t normally subscribe to Showtime but was able to get a
    deal where the first 3 months were free. Season 2 only lasts 2 months, so
    I’ll probably just cancel after its over. It’s great so see polyamory
    getting more mainstream exposure 🙂

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