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  1. brionyalana

    my partner told me before we got together that she wanted freedom to
    explore if the chance was ever there. i have spent close to a year getting
    ready for that time. now it has happend and it was so hard to see them
    together. she fell in love him and had to make a choice. she chose me
    because she wants to make a life with. but giving her she wants, will that
    give her more of a chance to fall in love with someone else

  2. rmsolympic1

    It – the fact that I have no desire to engage in the polyamorous lifestyle
    – gives me all the platform I need to judge, and I judge it as unfit for
    me. Greed, indeed: eating beyond your need is greed, as is sleeping more
    than 2 to a bed. And hwen did I say that a poly personhad to get my
    approval, and if you truly believe in this lifestyle, why would my opinion
    even drive you to keep arguing about it? Again, nothing about this
    lifestyle appeals to me.

  3. LimbicTides

    It appeals to you enough that you felt compelled to first watch a video on
    how to navigate polyamorous relationships, and then to comment on them.
    Comparing loving relationships to gluttony represents a gross
    misunderstanding on your part. Gluttony has obvious negative side effects,
    immediately and always detectable. The outcome of such a lifestyle is
    demonstrably negative. The outcomes of many poly relationships are
    positive. You’re trolling something meant for others.

  4. lawspad

    Where do you get this “specialness” from? Sex is just sex, it’s only a
    tool, and believing otherwise or not, is a subjective thought. You can get
    intimacy from things outside of sex. It’s almost as if you’re putting down
    friendship, as well. Judging people for the lifestyle they choose is just
    pure wrong, and egotistical to believe your way is the only way, and comes
    off as you trying to force others to believe as you do.

  5. eljagg01

    @opticrainbow Love IS about restricting oneself from doing certain things
    that affect someone adversely- that’s what a relationship is- mutuality of
    concern for one another’s happiness.

  6. madmanmantra

    whatever floats your boat. What seems insane is the way these people talk
    as though this lifestyle hasn’t been tried over and over again with adverse
    consequences, especially the “free love” movement of the 1960’s.

  7. ByJustified

    However you call it, “polyamorous” relationship is still sinful. In fact,
    people around the world can invent “sweet” words to describe their sinful
    act but the bottom line of all that they’re doing is still adultery
    (married) or fornication (unmarried). They are expert in denying the fact
    that they are hurting deep inside because of what’s happening with them.
    They may say they are “happy” but in reality they are fully devastated
    inside. They need Jesus Christ to make their lives complete.

  8. WikiTiki350

    If this is what you prefer, go ahead, but I personally wouldn’t be able to
    go out with a girl knowing that she was seeing another guy at the same time.

  9. janityy

    @justified. You tube and the net are exposing the lies of ur cult the dumb
    church. Lol. The church killed millions and it will loose followers and be
    exposed. Lol PAYBACKS A BITCH. Baaaaaaa

  10. Gene Floyd

    @ByJustified My gods and religious writings say nothing about anything
    sexual being sinful. What is this “sin” word you speak of? Are you saying
    that I’m supposed to follow your religious teachings, not my own?

  11. ByJustified

    @Floridacyclist My friend, God designed you to marry only one person. The
    Lord knows that you are hurting deep inside because of your past
    relationships. The Lord knows that you are not really happy right now but
    is just using your present relationship to hide the real hurt deep inside.
    The Lord wants you to go to Him and cry out to Him. He cares for you. He
    wants you out of that mess. He loves you so much that He offered His life
    for you. Jesus Christ loves you and cares for you!

  12. thespeez

    @ByJustified You and your fundamentalist/’traditionalist’ cronies can spout
    all the chapter and verse that you wish. Until you’ve backed your claim up
    with substance, your message is completely inane! You must understand that
    the terms (adultery, fornication) you mention had totally different meaning
    at the time they were written! People of ancient times were horrifically

  13. thespeez

    (p3) The word fornication was a mistranslation of the Greek word ‘porneia’,
    which referred 2 buying and selling of prostitutes by either force (sexual
    servitude) or for cultic affairs. In ancient Greece, it was considered an
    honor and duty for a woman 2 prostitute herself at one of the pagan
    temples. She would sell her sexual services and then pay her fee 2 the
    temple. She did not have a choice as 2 whom she could have sex with. She
    had 2 give her ‘services’ 2 the first ‘customer’. (to p4, pls)

  14. rickames

    I never heard of this word before till i watched an ep. of Weeds. So I
    looked it up, another word for swingers. I became a christain 11 months
    ago; & it’s hard not having sex & not suppose to masturbate. I wanted to be
    in a swinging relationship, but didn’t know who or what to do! I think it’s
    interesting, but then how often are people tested for dieases? Hard to do
    special favors, when they were with someone else: raw, or even kissing. I’m
    happy now, but wished I experienced back then!

  15. doughdoughhead

    but it’s NOT the same as swinging… it’s a group of people that love each
    other.. not couples that look for other couples to have sexual escapades

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