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  1. connor646

    It goes even further than that, way further. Concubines in China were known
    for being sent to death by the Emporer for having children with men other
    than the Emporer. Its probably a practice that predates Cromagnon man.

  2. MaconWall

    @FitnessGuru1988 Just for clarification Guru, I never stated there wasn’t
    any marriage to”traditional marriage”. If you want to get married, have at
    it. To even begin to have this conversation you have to define what you
    mean by “last”. If the definition means to death to us part, clearly, most,
    or a large number of relationship across the board don’t “last”. Then
    again, that’s never been my definition of success in a relationship. It’s
    more about what you learn, and the person you become.

  3. Jotun Obsidianeyes

    I couldn’t be in a relationship that where I wasn’t the only guy. More than
    one woman sure, but not another guy. I’m not judging, that’s just for

  4. fatpizzaman

    @AsheIsTheRaven Can you show us in the Bible where God blesses incest and
    paedophilia? I don’t recall him doing so. Jesus hated paedophiles and said
    that it would be better for them to be thrown in a lake with a millstone
    around their neck than to offend the little ones.

  5. Keyekan

    Whoa whoa whoa! Jeez guys, can’t we just agree to disagree? The arguments
    in here are mad! Our family situations don’t affect each other in any way.
    I’m not poly-anything, but I know to respect others’ opinions… Sheesh!

  6. Sailor Barsoom

    Family, the webseries. Will check. I cheerfully skipped Big Love and am now
    cheerfully skipping Sister Wives. But this seems interesting.

  7. Elithrae

    @ByJustified Wow. It never ceases to amaze me how judgmental some people
    can be, and how they love to assume that people must have “issues” or
    “unfortunate past experiences” or that there is somehow something innately
    wrong with anybody who isn’t what they expect everyone else to be. Believe
    it or not, some of us just happen to believe in love without limits. It
    doesn’t mean we’re broken, it means that we love differently than you.
    Different does NOT equal defective!

  8. ByJustified

    To everyone here who subscribes to “polyamory” or “polyandr”y which is
    actually adultery and fornication, I suggest you guys go back to the
    original Designer of relationship so you won’t end up wrecking your lives
    and the lives of many people. The Lord God originally designed marriage and
    relationships so please stop trying to redesign it as if you know what
    you’re doing. Read the Bible please.

  9. TheLionheartArts

    @auju123 I actually think you would explain it like that. I think the
    biggest issue would be other children’s parents and when the children hit
    the teen age years. Young children would be the easiest to tell.

  10. Elithrae

    (Pt. 3) like you said, you’d be hurt if your partner was in love with
    someone else. That can make things very, very difficult & hard for anyone.
    At the end of the day, you just have to make the best decision you can for
    yourself and your lover(s). I just wish that everyone could be as kind as
    you are about it, instead of judging us for simply trying to live our lives
    as best we can. I handle it better than most since I was used to it because
    I’m pansexual, but I’ve seen it wreck families.

  11. groundhog713

    Also, these people play this game of pretending to love one and have sexual
    relationships with others. In 99% of the cases, this game ends up causing
    more emotional harm than the benefits derived. That is just reality.

  12. sexybisquit

    I don’t know…go ask one! I never said I was a “Monogamist”. Nor have ever
    said anything about the sanctity of monogamy. But in any case, you still
    haven’t answered my questions. If one can get “love” from strictly platonic
    relationships, than why does one need to add more people to the party? I
    have very meaningful friendships where I get lots of love, but we don’t
    have to add sex to it in order to express our appreciation for one another.
    What’s different with Poly’s and their relationships?

  13. sexybisquit

    Yeah, time and money would certainly be an issue too. I love many people
    too, just in that way though. When I crossed that line and went there with
    friends in the past, we had always been attracted to one another. But,
    acting on those feelings, created many more problems for each of us. In
    some cases, losing the relationship in its entirety because things could
    never go back to being the way were prior to crossing that line. In the
    end, that was the most painful loss of all was losing my friend.

  14. sexybisquit

    So, what if you fall in love with someone, but your girl doesn’t share the
    same feelings for her. Then what? Or, what if your girl falls for another
    guy, are you willing to be in a relationship with another guy?

  15. HomeFrontGameFAN

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  16. david5372

    I appreciate their preferences. We know it’s not for everyone; I am one of
    the “everyone”s, as my preference is a singular person. No Judgment. To all
    parties, their own. Namast`e.

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