25 thoughts on “Polyamory – Hidden Lives: Three in a Bed – 2007

  1. Allan Bii

    what a whore bitch needs to get gang banged big up 4 the guy with two
    ladies but niaje ukona ma manzi wanono hivo call it double standards but
    thats life for you´╗┐

  2. stacey van adder

    In my opinion, you guys sound like amazing people:). (Shana-you are so
    beautiful!!!) the fact that you can rise above petty jealousy & the
    opinions of small-minded people & live the life that makes you happy shows
    a strength of character. It’s not easy being different, I know that too
    well. Shana, John, & Noel, the important part is that your kids are loved
    ­čÖé & it surely seems they are. Davina, Dean, & Jen- I’m happy you guys
    found what you are looking for as well:). I wish everyone ALL the happiness
    in the world. Love is so hard to find in this world-when you find it, grab
    it & never let go. Who cares what anyone else thinks? Much love to all-love
    & light from the jersey shore, USA´╗┐

  3. TabbyAngel2

    These people are making a MOCKERY of sacred MARRIAGE. What is marriage if
    it isn’t between TWO? What I the point of them getting married anyways if
    they want to fool around with many? Marriage should not be valid for these

  4. Brittany Robertson

    My man and I are poly and I see nothing wrong with it. I have him and
    another boyfriend and we also have a girlfriend we share together. so we
    are a 4some where the girls are bisexual and the men are straight.´╗┐

  5. Jesperado

    Our world is slowly becoming a better place as it becomes more tolerant to
    alternative LOVING relationships! We’ve slowing dragged the majority of
    society kicking & screaming towards equal treatment regardless of race,
    sex, & sexuality, but none of these battles are over yet. I just hold out
    hope for the future, that little by little we will break down the hatred &
    injustice & become a better planet for all…´╗┐

  6. albinotatertot

    The comparison is stupid. It’s like saying a country that has no laws has
    less crimes, compared to a country with many. These relationships I can
    honestly say are the disgusting by product of feminism and “pussy whipped
    male”, it’s disgusting it was obvious that the bald female does this
    because go her past problems. Bi-sexual is another term for whore honestly,
    it’s ill fuck anyone regardless of gender. And does anyone else notice how
    the majority of people condoning this in the comments are´╗┐

  7. Izzi Marczak

    Hm, I’ve seen multiple documentaries on this, and I am not convinced by the
    stability or health of such units. I don’t think that it takes more love to
    love multiple people as SaelPalani says, for most of these people were
    forced into this situation by their partners. It seems person A lusts for
    multiple partners, and person B agrees because they’re too scared to lose
    person A. But if you asked person B whether they’d prefer to share their
    lover, or to have their lover all to themselves, most of them would
    probably choose the second option, as it wasn’t their idea to share in the
    first place. Polyamory strikes me as a fear and insecurity driven unit,
    where people simply don’t have the strength to walk away and seek out
    relationships that will be 100% loyal and intense. And don’t try to tell me
    that polyamory gives 100% to each person, that defies math. If person A is
    feeling hot for person C tonight, but person B is really horny for person
    A, someone is going to have a shitty night. And I imagine these people have
    to compromise this way every single day and be not fully fulfilled in
    multiple areas of their life, be it sexual, emotional, or intellectual
    stimulation when they need or ask for it. It’s hard enough getting those
    things in a one-on-one relationship, let alone in a relationship with
    multiple people. They strike me as relationships mainly based on the lust
    of one person and the fears and insecurities of their lovers. I can almost
    understand swinging for those who need sexual variety, but I just don’t see
    a future for polyamorous relationships as family units, it will leave many
    people unfulfilled and in self-denial that they are frustrated in many
    important areas of a complete human experience.´╗┐

  8. Delusion Dispeller

    My beliefs are strictly Christian but I have to say that I found this video
    very tastefully done and it helped me understand the peoples’ choices in
    it. This sort of situation has hit close to home for a while in my life,
    with a daughter who is bisexual and lived with her husband and another
    woman. I’m still not in favor of it, but at least I can understand and I am
    glad it’s not a situation in which children are being abused or tortured
    like I deal with in my clients almost daily as a Psychology professional.´╗┐

  9. dothedeed

    I feel more comfortable with the 1st two couples because there’s love and
    stability there. The last woman seems just to be a whore who wanted to
    sleep around with lots of men and who wasn’t attracted to her husband in
    the 1st place. Its clear Ben loves her and she never loved him. ´╗┐

  10. Kelline Pickett

    There’s only one part of all of this that seems confusing and perhaps
    shouldn’t be, and that’s giving the new baby girl the last name of the
    other man just because they don’t want her to feel different than the other
    two girls already born…..but she *is* different because she’s not a
    Gaiger, she’s a Taylor, Noel is her daddy, and John is the daddy of the
    other two girls, so this is going to cause her even more confusion as she
    grows up than if they were to just be honest and give her her daddy’s name.

    I hear people making the Christian argument against this lifestyle, but I
    believe that the Bible is absolutely flooded with polygyny (albeit
    polyandry, not so much).´╗┐

  11. hh77

    +SaelPalani I wanted to respond to Sael Palini below but it will not allow
    me to to reply to her.

    I think this show does not do a real great job on reporting on this topic.
    The threesome of young people are simply young people with no attachments
    goofing around in a relationship that could become uber serious if one
    winds up pregnant.

    I find the last relationship was much more true to the typical way these
    things go down. I defenitely feel the last one better represents the

    The first one (where everyone is bald) is the most intriguing on the
    surface because everybody is really trying to act like they are just hunky
    dory with everything. However, if we watch everyone as they do their
    interviews, none of them are comfortable. There is a level of shame and
    guilt on all of these folk’s faces that goes far beyond social barriers:
    they are experiencing emotions from their conscience.

    There is also a high level of jealousy between the men. And rivalry. I
    would not stand for my offspring to receive another man’s name, no matter
    WHAT the situation. I would be irate. Noel doesn’t seem too thrilled
    about it, either. And John just seems heartbroken.

    I think the majority of people’s experience with polyamory is similar to
    the young people’s experience. An experience that doesn’t involve little
    children’s futures or anything overyly serious. By observing Ben’s state,
    it looks like polyamory can really leave a bit of devestation in its wake.

    The fact that this is being proposed as a healthy alternative to manogomy
    is the really disturbing part of the story. And there is always a dominant
    personality that begins the move toward a polyamorous relationship. There
    is no possible way 3 or more come together for a relationship without it
    having started with 2 people. It enters every personal polyamorous
    relationship this way: a type A and a type B personality. Someone gets the
    choice to submit or refuse.

    Other points of great concern are the children’s mental health and the
    mental health of the individual adults.´╗┐

  12. Betongbarnet

    Interesting documentary, it seems that the last woman wasn’t really
    polyamorous if she was she would want to spend time with her husband aswell
    and she would be very sad if he left. Its like the first two couples said,
    “Im in love with two men”, and “I cant imagine not being with them” the
    other woman in the threesome said. That is polyamory, if you love someone
    new doesn’t mean you love your first partner less, love is love. Maybe that
    last woman is really monogamous? Or was not really in love with her husband
    to begin with?´╗┐

  13. starlitsunrise17

    That was a really interesting documentary. Although it is not for me, I’m
    totally fine with people being in polyamourous relationships. As long as
    everyone is aware of and comfortable with what is going on I don’t see any
    problem with it. :)´╗┐

  14. Oliver Lane

    I don’t get why someone cannot be married to two people if both are
    How is it legal and not such an enormous taboo to be married to someone but
    to be having a affair behind their back. While a polygamous marriage where
    are three are consenting is illegal and the lifestyle a massive taboo ´╗┐

  15. edwardsson777

    Seems to be getting a lot of attention according to the anthropologist
    featured here: “Polyamory: When One Lover is not Enough.” She notes that
    women are not as inhibited as they used to be and that this could lead to
    more acceptance of this and polygamy.´╗┐

  16. 94thGhostOfGenesis

    There is difference between polyamorous relationships where the parties
    involved actually care for one another….and the whores and insecure men
    we see in these videos. Only a few polyamorous relationships are really
    successful…and you have to be bisexual to make it work. Idk how
    heterosexuals can do this….´╗┐

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