6 thoughts on “Polyamory Experts Speak On Non-Monogamy – “Special Arrangements” Discussion Panel

  1. Caren Ami

    19:00 the comparison between jealousy and asthma is somewhat flawed. Asthma
    is a disease, while jealousy is likely to be a useful evolutionary
    adaptation. This doesn’t mean we cannot suffer from jealousy, or cannot see
    through and get control over it. Just like we can choose to use birth
    control even when getting children is a useful evolutionary adaptation (and
    there is nothing wrong with it and we can suffer from it). 

  2. mswinelight

    Very complex topic and life situations. Discussion is always helpful but
    there are no clear answers, formulas or examples to follow.

    Truly depends on the individuals involved, and the situations continually
    change – life happens.

    If approached in a responsible, adult manner, can be a liberating and
    rewarding way to live.

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