9 thoughts on “Polyamory: Don’t try this at home

  1. Cory B.

    Glad to hear it works out for you 🙂 I can imagine its difficult to work it
    out but hey whatever works for you :3 You seem to be well grounded and I’m
    glad to see you’re happy :)

  2. MischievousKittie

    she doesn’t mention those of us in the POLY community all in agreement her
    show did not represent the majority of healthy poly relationship and
    appeared more swinging then poly. Go to any poly community and mention this
    the show, and they cringe.if you learned alot and changed to more loving
    partners then start creating newer examples as how you all have.

  3. Des Smith

    I’m an attorney and part of my practice includes Family law matters. I’d
    like to know more about your practice and how you work through some of the
    problems that you must confront (such as the sharing of time between
    partners, work load and contribution to expenses, etc.). Also, is
    polyamory still working out for you and do you ever have any second
    thoughts about it (i.e.- do you ever think about stopping polyamory)?

  4. achille lalonde

    If you are not already familiar with “The Work” developed by Byron Katie,
    you may want to investigate it as it would greatly serve anyone exploring
    looking to live this path. No one is ever responsible for our feelings,
    it’s very liberating and empowering to get that. You can find Katie’s work
    online, thework.com, it would complement what you are sharing with people
    and serve in addressing the thinking that is the source of all suffering.
    Great that you are sharing yourself and your life so openly, in support of
    what is.

  5. Jesse Kelley

    You want money to teach me how to put up with another woman? are you
    serious? i can’t handle or afford just one why the fuck i want 2 3 of you

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