25 thoughts on “Polyamory and Relationships on #TableTalk

  1. sydandtaytum

    wow, this is so topical to my life right now. i just found out the guy
    that’s been pursuing me is part of a polyamorous relationship with a
    couple. he has sex with the girl and is great friends with both of them. i
    was totally shocked because he genuinely made it seem like i was the only
    thing he ever wanted…now i don’t know if i want to pursue anything with
    him because i have this ideal that a guy that loves me will only want to be
    intimate with me. by ‘intimate’, i don’t mean sex, but i mean
    intimacy…which he already has with this girl since they are such great
    friends. i think it’s normal to want to have sex with other people while
    you are in a loving relationship…but is it normal to want intimacy with
    other people?? trisha’s example of the ‘secret’ is perfect— i totally
    agree that a secret is so much more special when shared between two people
    than with ten.

  2. NormallyScott

    I would never do this. It makes me uncomfortable and I believe most people
    use it as an excuse to cheat on their “beloved” because they are bored or
    selfish. I am also not a fan of not being sure if my partner is still clean
    if she/he slept with other poly people. Those who keep it in a contained
    group and everyone is okay with it, that is fine. But don’t go sleeping
    around because your a dickhead.

  3. 1212kendra

    The anthropology student in me is rolling around on the floor, in pain.
    However, the side that loves to listen to peoples opinions on these types
    of matters is really happy XD

  4. loriquayleio

    Wow. Most of that was just incorrect speculation about a subject that has
    plenty of well known facts. Also, I don’t see why something like monogomy
    being popular makes it “less advanced” than other options.

  5. blackxveilxbrides100

    You do you do give a fuck what people think i’m bisexual and don’t give a
    flying fuck what people think if you want to fuck all the women in the
    world go right ahead. also i haven’t seen a mean comment yet hmmmm.

  6. codec69

    This was the least entertaining Table Talk for me xD it’s not the hosts
    fault. I’m ok with all of them. Just that long debate about something I
    don’t care about at all. I have an opinion of it and I don’t consider it
    wrong or up to debate, so I learned nothing from this and it wasn’t even
    very entertaining.

    But I’m sure the next one will be better. 1 bad, 29+ good, it’s a good

  7. KillerDuckasaurus

    I think it was nice to hear these guys voices outside of the entertainment
    mode. It’s good just to here a serious and honest voice from normal people.

  8. 3m0SceneStabr

    NO you pick one person, Marry them and you get to fuck that one person. You
    want to have sex with a bunch of fucking people then you go be a fuckin
    scumbag, don’t rationalize your horrible fucking view on shit.

  9. Adam K

    There was actually a book written about if there was a society like what
    they talked about in this video. It’s called *Brave New World* by Aldous
    Huxley, and I haven’t read all of it (I’ve actually only read the
    beginning) but from what I understood of it, it shows what would happen if
    there were a society like that and how monogamy fits into it. 

  10. Mokgore

    I talk about marriage all the time and I don’t think marriage is necessary
    in anyway. Getting married isn’t magically going to increase your feelings
    for each or to fix any sort of issues you may have with one another. Why
    should I spend thousands of dollars to conform to society?

  11. Nonizsportz12

    Why are people trying to say one kind of relationship is “more advanced”
    than the other? How about neither is better than the other and it just
    comes down to how people feel? This was a very interesting Table Talk, but
    I didn’t like how Steve and Ross were kind of acting as if monogamous
    relationships are only based on jealousy, and that it is not what people
    want for themselves but what society wants.

  12. Austin Nwachukwu

    I feel like Trish gives the most thought out answers while everyone else
    just tries to go against the norm to try and seem more intellectual. Idk,
    just my thoughts.

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