8 thoughts on “Polyamory and emotional literacy | Kel Walters | TEDxUTA

  1. daughterof twofires

    Thanks for this wonderful talk! It’s always great to see other polyamorous
    persons too stand up and talk publicly about polyamory!

    I think it’s absolutely true: Regardless of the quantity of your
    relationships, your relationship style or whether you just have a
    relationship to yourself: learn about yourself, begin to understand your
    emotions and how you can take responsibility of your emotions and how you
    can communicate about emotions in a way that is beneficial for everyone. I
    would add here: Choose consciously what relationship style you want to
    live. There are a lot more options than you know about. Don’t be afraid. Be
    courageous to emancipate yourself and to create the life that YOU want to
    live (regardless of other people’s opinions). It’s YOUR LIFE! :)

  2. Hugo Sierra

    WOW I have thinking for years that monogamy was not the ONLY way
    ….and now all of the suden after having the chance to learn about TED
    talks I have founded that i was not alone on this way of thinking !! I
    love this talk …I will spread the word among my netwotk .Thanks Kel
    for this quite interesting talk !! 

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