25 thoughts on “Oberon Zell Ravenheart- Polyamory

  1. rotrave

    Dear lady, I do not intend to offend you or your brother or anyone else,
    but all this neo-pagan trends are just tricks that satan invented, ways to
    keep people, and especially young people for being the easiest and most
    important targets, away from the only powers that can heal a soul, and lead
    to salvation: Jesus Christ, the Holly Trinity, and the Holly Cross. God’s
    Son defeated death and with his help so will us all!!!

  2. HKyle1

    Did you even watch this video FlyingSphinx? Just relax. If we are going to
    hell, we’ll be among the nicer people there. It’s called education my
    friend…look into it.

  3. Zel Mony

    Paganism has never had a law to scare someone to find sexuality wrong.
    Polyamory is just natural to some people to pratice it and you would be
    surprise who practices it they claim to be another faith. Oberon is just
    open to talk about his sexuality which he’s not embarrassed about. Please
    stop it with the bashing and cruel comments…Honestly it’s already enough
    to see video’s where people bashing pagans

  4. HKyle1

    I know this man personally and have interviewed him at length on several
    occasions. He has NEVER tried to get into bed with me or anyone else I
    know. I published this video, NOT him. I assure you that there is far more
    to him than Polyamory. However, this subject is vastly misunderstood and I
    felt it was important to try to educate people. .

  5. gormanilius

    Look Guys. Im a skeptic. I never believed in any religion. I picked up his
    Grimoire when I was 14, mainly due to the Harry Potter craze. Well I read
    the book, and although I did not learn how to cast ‘magic missle’ or
    whatever =p I did find it a very entertaining book. I no longer own it(damn
    crazy ex)but I distinctly remember a passage in the end that stated to
    beware of sexual predators, and report them. As a soon to be student of
    History, as well of all religion etc,I will look more into it

  6. PTE989

    i’ve been reading his 2 most famous books the Grimoire for the apprentice
    wizard,and Companion for the apprentice wizard and they are AWESOME and i
    have been a pagan my whole life.i really want to meet him someday

  7. WolfeBear

    She used Piolyamory as an excuse to trash me and dump me – while I was
    LOOSING LEGS AND BODY PARTS!!! Therec was only her whorijng around and
    ignoring me and our SON!!! 4 years old when she started, and he stopped
    nursing, And her mothering skills ended there too! Now she’s doing Faol and
    his “family”, she ran me off after she got our soni oni SSI disability. Do
    you care at all?

  8. David Gore

    @Kaptinkombat and others Polyamory is about love not sex, better to leave
    ones mouth closed and be thought ignorant, than to open one’s mouth and
    remove all doubt. sex is a part of any good relationship. Its the
    monogamous folks that are running around cheating and lying, and being
    dishonest with each other. And if he coined the word polyamory 40 years ago
    it didn’t become known in the community till about 20 years ago.

  9. jay steves

    quite interesting information who makes a good point when he says wgy
    should you abandon ur lover if u love someone else, this would end terrible
    divorces. He also makes a good poit that this has been around for thousands
    of years

  10. 907cataclysm

    I suppose taking on multiple mates (not just people you love or adore, but
    those with whom you actively engage in intimate/sexual activity) is
    perfectly acceptable if you’re an animal with no conscious of whether or
    not what you do is morally acceptable, but seeing that we’re all
    sophisticated human beings with a sense of what’s right and wrong, I would
    wager a guess that participating in polyamory is something of a step down
    from our intellectually and morally superior status as humans.

  11. Satyrrebirth

    Thank You for posting this. I found Oberon Zell Ravenhearts’ words very
    information rich and meaningful. He sums up many ideas very well with great
    use of metaphor and analogy. Excellent summation of polyamory.

  12. 907cataclysm

    So wanting to have a relationship with one person, and wanting them to
    “only have eyes for you” is a selfish thing? Or is it only possessive if
    either one (or both) of the partners desire to be polyamorous? Perhaps it’s
    just me, but I’d think any sincere, meaningful relationship would take up
    more than enough time, effort, & affection so that you wouldn’t feel the
    need to seek out “love” from another person. Love is not exclusively being
    in a romantic relationship with someone anyway, yes?

  13. theone1087

    I’m still ambivalent towards polyamory. I take the biological approach.
    Homo-sapiens are naturally not monogamous with the emphasis being placed
    toward male humans. However, customs such as monogamous marriages and the
    consecration of virginity were methods that ensured children were related
    to the supposed father. Jealousy served as a function of genetic survival
    from one male’s sperm to the next generation. DNA testing has virtually
    rendered the whole of marriage’s purpose nearly obsolete.

  14. Richard Wilson

    love is organic? to what? humans…. love is truth. full stop. out side of
    truth love is hate. if its not in truth its hate, cause love that is one
    iota less than love is hate, because its trying to mimic and disguise
    itself as love, making it very evil because of its deceptness to all else.

  15. thomas lowe

    I don’t understand what it is about the abrahamic faiths that drive people
    crazy, but i used to try to be a christian but it didn’t work for me, not
    saying its wrong or anything like that but it just really wasn’t for me, Im
    certainly not a atheist either though i guess i kind of border line on
    pagan beliefs, I personally dont see why the only way to get into the good
    place is you have to pick one of the abrahamic faiths, those seem to drive
    people crazy

  16. mark whealen

    Do I hear a chainsaw in the background of your profound all embracing video
    ? How can you sit there and let the life energy to trees be violated, Mr.
    Ravenheart ? All you want to talk about is how you can’t keep you dick
    under control. Why don’t you buy some vaseline, take care of your urges
    personally and spend more time saving trees and making videos to entertain

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