12 thoughts on “MOVING TO LA: Episode 117: The Polyamory Pool Party In Brentwood

  1. ramona hurley

    I love how you tell of your experiences, very clearly an precisely to the
    point with no holes. I wanted to share my opinion which is not a match to
    this polyamory life style. I think its morally wrong, however not because
    of god. I think we morally have to take care and respect the ones who come
    into our lives who are significant to us. We are Egotistical people, we do
    have freedom of will but just because we can, should we? In the convo that
    you had with the couple which the woman said CONT…

  2. ramona hurley

    Cont. had insecurities and jealously issues. well she has every reason to
    feel those feelings. Nothing is promised to us forever or any time span.
    There is no promise that he would not fall deeper in love with the other.
    If his wife isn’t enough in this moment how can he say she will always be
    enough to be top wife for ever. I think that people who want to live free
    to not commit to the feeling of other, those who are selfish which they are
    have ways of romanticizing this life style CONT…

  3. ramona hurley

    CONT.. using fancy words to persuade the vulnerable (the ones madly in
    love) that couple you speak of, the wife, clearly has insecurity issues and
    would do anything to keep her man. How fair is it that he used those
    vulnerabilities to get what he wants. cake and eat it too. I think its just
    selfish. There is no real love coming from the one who is maneuvering this
    relationship tricking the other. The art of manipulation is prevalent here
    full blown. just my opinion

  4. DiSCo-HiPPiE-CHiCK & HeR GRooVY LaP-BaND

    I am not in any relationship & feel like I am beyond the point of ever even
    falling in love again…there is a polyamory meetup in my area, I am
    tempted to join!

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