25 thoughts on “Monogamy vs. Polyamory, w/Daniel Vitalis, episode #549

  1. StephieMcCarthy

    I wouldn’t call the kind of relationships Daniel is referring to as
    “bonding”. But I think shallow people have a problem telling when they are
    actually bonding with people.

  2. hooperqi

    Right now Daniel looks very healthy, happy, and balanced like everything is
    coming together for him in all areas of his life. He also looks like he’s
    been working out and building up his physical body. Polyamory can allow us
    to find out what it is that we want in a partner. When we are ready, we can
    move into monogamy. Monogamy makes a lot of sense for most people at some
    point for all the reasons Daniel explains. Thanks for the vid.

  3. Vimergy

    I’ve explored both. To each their own, no judgment. My personal opinion is
    its great to practice different forms of non-attachment, whatever form that
    may show up as, including relationships. : )

  4. wazrasta

    @TheSEEDanno70 I can see were you are coming from here but in our society
    this is something that is not needed! What are you gonna pay bills for 15-
    20 different children that you bring into this world!? No… ok so more
    homeless people in the world to strain our society. it would be different
    if we lived in tribal communities or something like that but the way you
    live this would be stupid and irresponsible

  5. redvioletroses1

    Daniel, if I’m understanding correctly, you feel an obligation to the world
    (?) to have at least 1 child, to pass on your goodies, your brilliance,
    whatever. How about instead of giving Mother Earth 1 more mouth to feed
    (along w/7 billion?), give that brilliance to a child or children who are
    already here? Your goodness is your energy, not your flesh. Babies are easy
    to make (too easy), but making the right choice for ourselves AND the
    world, that’s a toughie. It’s a grown-up thing 😉

  6. megatrollwarlock

    @redvioletroses1 We’re programmed to spread our seed. The genes must go on.
    It’s a genetic thing. But as he said in a previous video, you can’t
    backbreed a chihuahua to a wolf and according to the law of entropy the
    universe is in continuous decay, and so are we as a species.

  7. Renata Love

    “NO comment” = oh yeah baby… he he. I would love to see Daniel in the
    Kitchen or in nature with 2 women. – I would love to be one of them. hehe.
    Daniel is sexy hot and super cool. I enjoy his integrity and research, his
    thoughts, ideas and most importantly, his LIFE EXPERIENCE. So much
    confusion in the raw food, vegan, fruitarian, vegetarian way of eating
    UGGH! But nice to have those pilgrams who will share their life experience
    and wisdom paving paths for others. Kudos Daniel.

  8. Carol Gay Fagerhaugh

    Daniel. . I love your brain. . man. .you NEED to keep eating ALL those
    superfoods cause you fricken think so much. .God bless that brain. .and
    thanks for sharing your thoughts. . peace. . carolgayxoxo

  9. Nightbird

    I’m really surprised a guy as thoughtful, caring, big-hearted, intelligent,
    open-minded, and insanely sexy as Daniel is Straight. All the guys that I
    know like this are Gay, so it’s very refreshing to see a straight guy so
    evolved for a change. Way to go Daniel! =)

  10. owenadv

    Thank you Daniel for your deep insight into the workings of human
    relationships. Without your guidance we would be but rudderless ships on
    this indecipherable sea named life. I bow to you and thrust my finger into
    an otherwise ambivalent gag reflex.

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