25 thoughts on “Man Comes Out to Wife – Adventures in Polyamory?

  1. Anthony1324576890

    Fuck cheaters. I hate being lied too, leave that to the pusillanimous
    politicians. Who wants someone without the inner strength to be upfront
    with you? Ugh.

  2. Das Neko

    Because you ignore all the drunk ass dudes that beat up their women, the
    cheaters and the divorces. There is no way in a million years you can call
    monogamy inherently stable so dont even go there.

  3. Das Neko

    Right… Because you think you got this whole thing figured out dont you?
    Let me tell you something. There are people who do not want to be exclusive
    to someone yet they still love them. There are also people who loves more
    then one person. In the end they chose polygamy or open relationships for
    the same reason you chose monogamy. Its what works out for them. There is
    no inherent reason why polygamy should be more unstable then monogamy.

  4. Al Elietto

    I understand, but the problem is that bisexuals never pick a side. First
    they want to be with a man then a woman because their feelings change. Some
    can force themselves to stay with one gender but they wont be in love with
    that person.

  5. KingLink95

    I see what you mean but polygamous relationships often are structured that
    way and other ones are still usually emotionally unfair to one or mre

  6. lifefullofwords

    No, you’re being reductive, not to mention intolerant. As in most areas
    concerning sexuality, human beings exhibit enormous diversity when it comes
    to their monogamy preferences. Society tends to tell all of us to behave in
    a certain way, which may or may not be natural for a particular individual.
    If the only thing keeping you monogamous are the unwritten laws of human
    society then you’re not naturally monogamous. But that doesn’t mean other
    people aren’t happy in monogamous relationships.

  7. themaypole

    One thing that gets to me is how monogamy is seen as some societal trap, I
    personally could never deal with being cheated on, having a threesome,
    cheating on my partner, its just totally against my programming, I could
    never do it or deal with it and I am thankful about monogamy because its
    perfect for me. If you don’t like monogamy, fuck other ppl idc, just I
    think personally monogamy needs to stop being demonised in this way, its
    depressing if its seen as a struggle/trap

  8. smarty3000

    I think TYT should have been more clear in this video. I think there’s
    often a misunderstanding about bisexual people. Not all bisexual people
    believe in polyamory, and many of them desire monogamous relationships. If
    a bisexual man gets into a relationship with a woman, and he truly believes
    in monogamy, he isn’t going to “miss” men. That’s like saying if a straight
    man gets into a relationship with a white woman and then he “misses” latina
    or black women.

  9. Javis586

    No, it means start being physically active and engage in activities that
    are mentally and physiologically healthy, and stop being a sedentary
    imbecile who does things deemed weird by society and logic.

  10. Rose Anthoney

    Something that’s come to my attention is that they only say the coupld is
    swinging with others and trading partners. If I may, Polyamory is not
    Swinging. It’s being open to relationships with more than one person, not
    just being open to have SEXUAL relations with more than one person. Truly
    Poly people normally develop a long-term relationship before engaging in
    more physical relations. Swingers go into it understanding that they have
    an attraction to others, but they only love their partner.

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