14 thoughts on “I Love You & You… & You: How To Create a Polyamorous Family – Our America – Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. defygravity13

    It helps when people don’t view relationships as oppressive “ball and
    chain” configurations (kink is another story). Partners aren’t people we
    “deal with”, and relationships aren’t “hell” unless they’re unhealthy, if
    they’re unhealthy we should not be in them. As for taxes, you can only
    claim one spouse on your taxes, because it is only legal to have one
    marriage license, members of a “polycule” or “poly constellation” would not
    file their taxes with more than one partner.

  2. IJAbraham

    The earth had been invaded by beings from other worlds. They morph
    themselves into the human form and live among us. They Inculcate lifestyles
    relative to the worship of the human flesh. They threaten to wipe out the
    human race. Their norms and mores are detrimental to the sustenance of
    human life. These unearthly beings cloak themselves in human flesh, but
    their lifestyles are that of devils and demons. They corrupt the human race
    by sowing seeds of enmity between God and man. Be aware.

  3. charcharbing27

    if you have so many relationships going on in one house..when the heck do
    you have time for yourself? go to a mall with an outside friend? makes me

  4. James Love

    This is really great. I’ve been poly all of my life. I was going on dates
    with two and three girls at a time in the seventies. Also check out the
    Loving More clip!!!!

  5. jennifer hartman

    I don’t judge anyone for lifestyle, as long as they are happy, but I know I
    am such a jealous person, I couldn’t do it. But the way I see it to each
    their own.

  6. James Love

    I agree completely. The multiplicity of human interactions is wonderful. If
    it works for you then that’s good. But you should think about why you are
    feeling afraid or inadequate because those are the foundations of being

  7. Leo FromPortland

    If there’s going to be polyamory, this seems the most humane and non
    coercive way to go about. A far cry from the religious polygamists.

  8. jennifer hartman

    I know for a fact, I would be crazy jealous, however another wife to help
    with laundry and cleaning, hmmm I could use one of those lol :)But not the
    cooking I love to cook, Hey maybe I could do it, trade jealousy for someone
    to clean lol Have a great day!

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