24 thoughts on “Gold Balls and Polyamory on #TableTalk!

  1. Lauren Sabino

    Latin- so many languages stem from Latin you basically know half of six
    languages just knowing it and you sound smart as fuck if you say you speak

  2. Daniel Geloso

    Most Spoken Languages fro those who are curious:
    Mandarin – 955 million
    Spanish – 405 million (most spoken Romance Language)
    English – 360 million
    Hindi – 310 million
    Arabic – 295 million 

  3. Jeremy Lovett

    Matt nailed the Poly question. Fit and describes my relationship fairly
    well. A successful long term and long standing poly relationship.

    Also, I speak English and German. I chose German because it’s so ‘rough’
    and ‘authoritative’, IMO. 

  4. Matt Lieberman

    But in all seriousness, you’ve got to try La Croix water. I’m OBSESSED
    (everyone else in the office hates it. That’s fine, more for Lieberman!)

  5. iD7my

    French is not even in the top 10 most spoken languages, it goes Mandarin,
    Spanish, English, Hindu/Urdu, Arabic,
    Portuguese, Bengali, Russian, Japanese, Punjabi. and here is a fun fact for
    all you Americans on the internet acting like the internet is America,
    North America makes up 11.4% of the internet users, Asia makes up 44.8%
    Europe makes up 21.5% of the users, so stop acting like you own the place!

  6. 135k

    Matt takes away more than he add to the show. it seems like he just takes
    everyone’s bit and then runs it into the ground to the point where it is
    uncomfortable to watch

  7. Dosage

    For the record, I was in a Polyamorous relationship about ten months back.
    I was dating two girls, they were dating me, and they were both dating each
    other. We all three worked well for about three months, before the
    relationship fell apart – not due to it being a polyamorous
    relationship…but, due to the strain of one of the girl’s family who, put
    simply, did not approve of her lifestyle. Once she left, me and the other
    girl kind of fell apart. Ultimately, the relationship ironically only
    worked when all three of us were together.

  8. Devan Thayer Lund

    Lee: “I’m sure it’s out there…”

    Matt: “It’s all in Portland.”

    As a born and raised Portland citizen, I can say…he’s not far off the
    mark lol. It’s not rampant here or anything, but you’re more likely to see
    it here, and it’s more likely to be accepted. It’s pretty much Portland on
    the liberal side of the polyamory coin, and rural Utah/Idaho on
    the conservative side.

  9. Ann Felland

    My husband and I were going to learn to speak a second language just so we
    could talk privately without others knowing what we were saying. Whispering
    is out of the question because his hearing is shit. We gave up on that idea

  10. smokinone951

    uhhh yeah you could, they are called gloves. besides that myth says
    everything you touch, doesnt say anything about when others touch
    you…gotta read that fine print, if it were like you are implying you
    would instantly die because your organs are touching you.

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