19 thoughts on “Cathy Reisenwitz & Lauren Rumpler (AKA Objectivist Girl) on Polyamory and Liberty

  1. Mad World

    I am tired of hearing this SJW (Cathy) everywhere. I do not understand why
    people can’t see through the pandering in her message.

    Of course people are looking for excuses so they can sleep around. That’s
    all this is. The indulgence in this “multiple partner love” I think is a
    sign of emotional weakness and I don’t not think it should be encouraged.

    Sexual promiscuity and sexual repression are two sides of the same coin in
    my mind. Sex should be look at as the amoral action it is. I think we waste
    way to much mental energy on this topic.

    Again, I am tired of hearing this woman’s (Cathy) message and I wish she
    would just fall into obscurity already. The only thing I can say that I
    like about her is her anti-government message, that’s it. The rest of her
    message is retooled “lefist” logic.

    I just fell that our time could be better spent supporting someone less
    emotionally manipulative and simple minded to push the message Ms.
    Reisenwitz is trying to push.

    Aaaand that was my, probably worthless, two cents.

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