25 thoughts on “Ask A Polyamorous Person

  1. Alisha mccaslin

    Could buzz feed, do ask a pansexual. Because I’m pansexual because so many
    people don’t understand what pansexual is….they all say it’s a fancy word
    for bisexual

  2. LeftyGingerJap

    Sorry if this seems like an ignorant question but I am just curious: Is
    polysexuality a thing? Like, I understand that romantic and sexual
    attraction are two different things, like someone can be aromantic as in
    not being romantically attracted to anyone, and someone can be asexual, as
    in not sexually attracted to anyone. But those terms are not synonymous, so
    I was wondering if polyamorous and polysexual are synonymous or not. 

  3. wilson Diaz

    but if you have 2 or more relationship then how are you able to prevent
    favoritism among your partners? cuz i imagine you would instinctively like
    one over the others…and thanks buzzeed for shining light into this topic,
    you should do a part 2 its really interesting to see other types of sexual
    relationships among people, it shows how complex we all are

  4. MisunderstoodAlpaca

    Do whatever you want, but you can’t establish meaningful relationships with
    more than a person. When you have more than one, they’re just friends you
    have sex with…. which is what this is. Nothing immoral about it, but it’s
    pretty meaningless if you’re looking for anything more than sex.

  5. Molly Likovich

    i have a question on this topic, is poly then considered a romantic
    orientation as opposed to a sexual one? also i guess i want to know if poly
    people are always poly or sometimes they choose to be monogumous im sorry
    if these questions are ignorant im just curious

  6. soulsistah102

    So how would marriage (potentially) work for poly people? Like, would
    everyone involved be married, or is it more of a single married couple who
    see other people but ultimately love each other the most, or does it vary?
    I don’t mean to sound ignorant, I’m honestly just intrigued.

  7. Ludivine Moonkind

    I’m confused bc how do you know you’re Polyamorous ?… Please don’t tell
    me I am because I have a bad time explaining what pansexuality is, my
    sexual life is gonna be a mess I don’t want to come out the closet a second
    time xD

  8. spinningincirclezzz

    I dunno… Its hard to agree on this topic. I personally think giving
    yourself to one person only shows true commitment, love and devotion. There
    is no way you can love someone with all your heart if half of it is with
    someone else, and that’s what everyone deserves. If one person isn’t
    enough, then you just haven’t found the right one, but once you do, you’ll
    be willing to commit only to them and they will be all you need. Then
    again, I dont want to be overly opinionated, if everyone in the
    relationship is ok with it. I guess I am too

  9. Polyamory Weekly

    Have you seen this? BuzzFeed posted a fantastic video of poly people
    answering the most commong #polyamorous questions. And it’s already got
    over a million views!

  10. Eric Durant

    “Why isn’t one person enough”

    Because you can’t commit.
    Because you’re selfish.
    Because your a whore/man-whore.
    Because you’ve been given too many toys in life, and have learned that once
    you’re bored with one, it’s onto the next.
    Because you’ve cheated in all your past relationships, and made this as an
    excuse to live a selfish life.
    Because you want your cake and want to eat it.

    For real, this bullshit doesn’t work.
    Show me one life long relationship that has been open the entire time, that
    hasn’t had any break ups.
    Wait. You can’t. 

  11. Anubis De León

    Polyamorous., start because the luck of communication with the partner,
    when the partner is always wright even when he know is wrong, the couple
    start to split, dramatically, just to find some one to talk with and be
    appreciated a bit.

  12. ChildOfTheSun32

    I’m gutted that the purple-haired girl is the polyamorous one as she is my
    favourite of the BuzzFeed girls. I’m not happy that she’d be cheating on me
    and making me think I’m ok with it.

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