16 thoughts on “◤IS POLYAMORY WRONG?◥

  1. edelina lenka

    Haaii gurl. I love music I play a few things but I know a voice when I hear
    it. Your voice is very uplifting and I love it. A very informative topic. ♡

  2. Nikhil Bhat

    Personally I think polyamorous relationships are no different than
    monogamous relationships. It definitely would take some getting used to if
    I were to be in a polyamorous relationship, but I definitely do feel as
    though whether you’re mono or poly, your relationship is equal. 

  3. elm1230

    You’ve pretty much summed up my thoughts and observations on polyamory.
    This is perfect timing because I’ve been reading “The Ethical Slut” ( which
    deals with alternative sexual relationships and dynamics).And I’ve come to
    the conclusion that I am definitely a fan of traditional monogamy. I was
    also talking to a date about this and he too, felt the same. Like you, I
    have also observed the dynamic where one partner(usually the male from what
    I’ve seen) pushes for an open/poly situation, and although reluctant, the
    other partner will go along with it as not to disturb what has already been
    established. When the topic of polyamory comes up in any form of discourse,
    those in favor of it tend to adopt this air of superiority? They think
    themselves progressive and more evolved than thou. But we are still humans,
    and I know issues of jealousy come to the surface often. I don’t want to
    share my partner with anyone else. If this works for some, then I don’t
    have a problem. However personally, not a go for me. 

  4. 1tsybitsyspider

    Polyamory works but for way less people than the amount of those who try
    it. Very few people really can pull it off with no jealousy, crossing of
    boundaries, or game playing.

  5. 1tsybitsyspider

    I’m bisexual but I could personally never be in a relationship with more
    than one person. It’s its either going to be just me and just you or I’m
    gonna move on.
    I may like both genders but I will never be with a man and a woman at the
    same time. When I was in highschool though a lot of my friends were bi and
    a lot of them though that meant you could(should) have a boyfriend and a
    girlfriend. Hell, for a short time my girlfriend at the time had a
    boyfriend (he and I knew about each other but he and I were not involved in
    any way). He ended up jealous and she broke up with him and shortly after I
    left her because she had feelings for him still. So for me it isn’t my cup
    of tea. I’m just a one partner type of girl.

  6. DJ Doc's Videos

    For the protocol I’m in poly relationships for 20 years by now.

    +Kat Blaque you’ve seen a lot of relationships where one person is poly
    and the other is mono. In my experience they tend to fail, hard.

    It’s also this “realtionship for life” thinking that a lot of mono people
    seem to have (out of fear to never find a matching partner again, maybe?)
    that is inherently problematic for me.

    To me, it’s perfectly fine to spend a couple of years together and go
    seperate ways at some point.

    As people we change over time someone can be very different 7 years down
    the road.

    There’s no right or wrong way to do poly but it can take some time ’till
    one figures out what works and what doesn’t.

    I’m currently in a poly relationship with 6 partners,
    5 of ’em do have, at this point in time, other partners.and each of ’em has
    a slightly different spin on how they manage there relationships.

    I have a open door policy with my partners. that is, I don’t care what they
    do with there other partners, hook-ups etc and they don’t care what I do.

    If you got any questions, feel free to ask.

  7. Cat Tastrofy

    I think having a relationship with one person is hard enough, let alone
    with more than one person. But I know that people do do it. I think it’s
    far easier however to have a side affair than to have a whole different
    thing with another person. It’s inevitable for most people, especially men
    but some women too. But poly … I don’t know. I’m definitely monogamous
    and I haven’t been in a relationship yet but I don’t know what I’d do if I
    had a boyfriend who wanted an open relationship but I guess it may come
    with the territory.

  8. Dusti Dirtt

    Is it wrong? No. is it for everyone? No. are there wrong ways to do it?
    yes. I was in a relationship with a girl who wanted to open things, she had
    many affairs usually she discussed it with me first, which was a rule we
    set, that she broke a few times, and whenever I mentioned someone I was
    interested in she would get jealous and upset. It was very one sidedly

  9. Jakob Jakobson

    Yes there definitely are some unhealthy poly relationships just like there
    are some unhealthy monogamous relationships. Im really very into poly
    relationships. I havent experienced a monogamous relationship but
    polyamorous relationships are just my thing. The reason is *not* that I
    need multiple people constantly. I might want a little change here and
    there but thats not very often at all. The main reason I feel like monogamy
    doesnt work for me is that I feel like for ME monogamy is an unnecessary
    restriction. I dont want my partner to feel bad about finding other people
    attractive/cute/whatever and just enjoying what other people have to offer
    you know. And I dont want to have to feel bad about doing the same. I dont
    see how could that be harmful to the relationship as long as everyone is
    being honest. Polyamory needs confidence and lack of jealousy.
    Also, Im single right now but when Im not I usually dont interact with my
    partner’s partner(s). So its just like me and my partner having fun with
    other people too but OUR relationship remains between us. Im way too
    introverted to be with two or more people in ONE relationship. That’d be
    exhausting. It all needs to be separate.

  10. Jakob Jakobson

    Also, I wouldnt even call it polyamory when one person is pretending to
    agree with it but is actually not okay with it. Then one person is poly and
    the other is really not so the relationship is not poly, its a lie.

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