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Challenges in Polyamorous Relatioinships

Challenges in polyamorous relationships

polyamorous realtionshipRelationships are treasured. People need a partner in life who can offer support to them and love. However, relationships also come with their own challenges. At ties, such challenges can make a relationship stronger and other times it can lead to the end of a relationship. For instance, where a partner becomes sick and bed ridden, it poses a big challenge. The other partner will need to be available for offering physiological and mental support. However, some people will just vanish during such moments. However where they manage to pull through together the bond between them strengthens. A polyamorous relationship may avoid such a problem since many partners will be available to offer support. However, it too has its own challenges.

Time management: for polyamory time is a limited factor to all the people. How we manage time matters and differ a lot. It would be easier to dedicate your spare time to one partner unlike the case where you have a couple of them. Each friend will require his personal time and attention which an individual may not be able to give. This is a challenge that can ruin your relationship with other partners.

Wrangles: where two or more people exist, conflicts roam among them. It is thus normal to see two people who are both your partners engaged in a conflict. Such a situation may pose as a dilemma since your reaction may affect your future relation with both of them. In such cases or any other problem in the future, avoid taking sides. Majority of people will step in and try to offer support to one partner. This will make the other partner feel hated or despised.

Desire to change everyone: people in polyamorous relationships have a diverse nature. A person may meet someone who behaves totally different from what he or she expected. Some end up trying to change such people. However, people should realize that they can’t change everyone.

Jealousy: this is the main problem with this relationship. People will feel jealous when they see their lovers with other people.

In any relationship, there is a challenge. Polyamorous relationships being a form of a relationship, there should be no exemptions.